Elza Walker is a bike racer planning to enroll at Raccoon University. She is the lead female protagonist of Resident Evil 1.5.[1][3]


Elza is a young woman who grew up in a big city. She is a motorcycle enthusiast and an avid bike racer. She owns a white bike and a red Ducati bike. Elza is planning to attend Raccoon University in the fall and live on campus in the dormitory.

Unlike Leon Scott Kennedy, Chris Redfield, or Jill Valentine, Elza has no tactical experience.

Raccoon City outbreakEdit

Elza leaves her home in the city and rides her bike to Raccoon City, ready to attend Raccoon University. She witnesses the infected citizens of Raccoon and panics. She rides her bike to the Raccoon City Police Department, a safe haven in the center of town, only to find more of the undead. She loses control of her bike and crashes through the front entrance, into the lobby. The security shutters close in time, saving her from the zombies outside.



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