Kenneth J. Sullivan is a member of Raccoon City's Police Department's special forces unit, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.).


The Umbrella IncidentEdit

Shortly after Bravo Team begins their investigation in the Raccoon Woodlands, their helicopter experiences engine trouble and they're forced to land.[3][4] They also lose radio contact with Alpha Team in the process.[3] After landing, Kenneth's comrade Edward Dewey is brutally attacked by a pack of Ceberi and is ripped to pieces.[3] The team escapes into the mansion and Trapped in the mansion and the heilcopter was Crashed in the Raccoon Forest and leaving most of their equipment with the helicopter.[3]

Resident Evil - Turning Around Zombie render

The zombie that attacks Kenneth.

During his investigation of the mansion Kenneth is Going in the west in the Dining Room, While After Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker is in the mansion, Kenneth is attacked by a zombie in the tea room.[2] He manages to fire once at the zombie before it eats him alive.[5][6] Kenneth dies as a result of the injuries to his face and neck, which led to his decapitation.[2][7] His body was discovered by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.[2]



Further notesEdit

  • Kenneth has two Clips in his pants pockets, which can be taken by Chris and Jill.
  • While both Chris and Jill find Kenneth's body, Jill is able to trigger a variation of his body. If the player returns to the main hall immediately after entering the dining hall, a scene between Jill and Albert Wesker will trigger. After returning to the dining hall, if the player tries again, a scene will trigger with Barry Burton. Now, the player must trigger the scene with Barry near the fireplace and then try to exit to the main hall again. A scene where the zombie enters the dining hall will trigger. After the player regains control of Jill after she parts with Barry, Kenneth's body will be found in the tea room with no legs and therefore no Clips.

Video Film Edit

Resident Evil - The Zombie Eats Kenneth (JP)

Resident Evil - The Zombie Eats Kenneth (JP)


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