The Lobby is a room on the first floor of the Raccoon City Police Department.[3]


The lobby is a part of the Raccoon City Police Department's main entrance. There is a waiting area, a front office, and doorways leading to the precinct's east and west wings.

In September during the Raccoon City outbreak, Elza Walker crashes her motorcycle through the glass doors at the front of the lobby which causes the security shutter to lower. A group of zombies surround the entrance from the outside. Over time, they are able to break through the shutter and make their way into the lobby.


Elza's scenario begins in the lobby. All she can do in the room is shoot at the zombies on the other side of the shutter--who are unable to break through--or enter the front office, eastern corridor, or western corridor.

Leon Scott Kennedy enters the lobby later in the game and triggers a cutscene where the zombies break through the security shutter. He is able to fight the pursuing zombies or flee the room.


The lobby was one of the first rooms of the prototype to be produced, appearing in several known builds. The room debuted in the July 1996 build showcased at V-Fest '96. The original layout of the lobby featured a large bench in the center of the room and two offices near the east wing entry. The next incarnation of the room seen in the August 1996 and September 1996 builds changes the location of the benches to the western wall and removes the two offices entirely. The east and west wing doors have likewise changed location. In addition, the front doors are now completely broken and glass litters the floor. The lobby is revised again in late-September for the November 1996 build, featuring a new light source and different camera positions for the backgrounds.[2] Now, Elza's crashed bike is present and the room's enemy and object placement is appropriate.

Concept artwork of the lobby shows a very different layout, while still retaining key elements such as Elza's bike, the lowered security shutters, and front desk. The production date of the artwork is unknown.


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