First Floor (1F)Edit

LobbyLobby OfficeWestern Corridor (1F)ElevatorWest StairwellWest OfficeUnknown Room 1 (West Office)Unknown Room 2 (West Office)Eastern Corridor (1F)East StairwellOutdoors (Back)Outdoors (Front)Resident Evil 2 prototype - Police Station map - 1F
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Second Floor (2F)Edit

Radio RoomElevatorWest StairwellOutdoors (Front)Outdoors (Back)Reference RoomReference Room CorridorMedical RoomSecond Floor CorridorWest Stairwell Landing (2F)Resident Evil 2 prototype - Police Station map - 2F
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Third Floor (3F)Edit

Chief's OfficeWest StairwellElevatorConference RoomWest Stairwell Landing (3F)Heliport StairwellThird Floor CorridorResident Evil 2 prototype - Police Station map - 3F
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Heliport StairwellHeliportResident Evil 2 prototype - Police Station map - Rooftop
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