The November build is an official Capcom build from the development of Resident Evil 1.5. The build leaked to the public in 2013.


The main menu of the build features three options: New Game, Load Data, and Config:

  • New Game leads to the "Please Select Main Cast" screen, where the player can select Leon Scott Kennedy or Elza Walker.
  • Load Data leads to a memory card selection screen. Slot 1 has an Elza save titled "BIOHAZARD 2 data" (バイオ2のデータ baio 2 no dēta?). Attempting to load the data causes the game to crash. Slot 2 has no data.
  • Options accesses the controller and sound configuration menu. This menu can be interacted with.

Both Leon and Elza are playable in this build. The majority of the Raccoon City Police Department is playable and several cutscenes can be triggered.

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